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Traditional stone statue - Grand Palace Bangkok

Traditional stone statue in the grounds of Bangkok's Temple of the Emerald Buddah

Loy Nava Dinner Cruise Bangkok

The Loy Nava: rice barge converted into a dinner cruise ship (Photo: and below, traditional dancers entertain diners between courses

Traditional Thai dancer onboard the Loy Nava
Cabbages and Condoms - Christmas outfits with an AIDS awareness theme

The welcoming committee at Cabbages and Condoms wearing Christmas outfits with an AIDS awareness theme and below, Bangkok's Soi Patpong, where you'll find a surprisingly relaxed conjunction of girlie bars and market stalls.

Patpong Market, Bangkok: bar girls and trinkets
Bangkok street food vendor

Bangkok street vendors: everything from fast takeaway food to makeshift sit-down meals and below, open-air aerobics classes in Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park Aerobics

Recommended reading

Bangkok (LP City Guide)

Hey, this is the Backpacker's Diary website, so I'm hardly likely to recommend any other title.  I've tried other guide publishers but for clear, concise and complete information, you can't beat a Lonely Planet.  I'm so convinced of this that I'm going to recommend a second title:

Thailand (LP Country Guide) 

You weren't seriously going to fly all the way to Bangkok and then not venture beyond the city limits were you?  Even the sex tourists make detours to Phucket and Pattaya.  From the cool rice paddies around Chiang Mai in the north to the sun kissed islands and beaches in the south...

For Kindle versions, click on the links below:

Bangkok City Guide

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Flower garlands, Bangkok temple vendor

Garlands for sale outside the gates of a temple 

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